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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Eating II

Cherry tomatoes ripening in(/taking over) the garden

Dragon carrots!

David preparing asparagus for grilling

Hobo packets with dragon carrots, CSA green beans and sweet corn, potatoes and onions

Waiting for the grill to heat

David managing the grill


Caprese! (I reduced an entire bottle of balsamic for dinner with the Wonders; we have lots, to put on everything!) Garden basil and CSA tomato (our big ones aren't ripe yet). And Maldon flaked sea salt!


Mumsie said...

Mmmmm! Is it the texture of the sea salt or the flavor that you most like? Will you please cater my lunch Saturday? Thanks!

Chunk said...

ok, this proves that great minds think alike.

a few weeks ago, jon was talking about making the packets of veggies on the grill, what he calls "campers' stew." i argued that was a dumb name for it: that there's nothing stew-like at all about it. it's veggies and usually some kind of veggie meat chopped up and seasoned and grilled. i suggested that it should be called something more like "hobo packets."

he laughed at me.

and then here you go and call them hobo packets.

argument won.

also, your dragon carrots are gorgeous!


Chunk said...

and this is lauren, not chunk. he can't read or talk yet, so clearly he's not the one arguing with jon and commenting on blogs ;)

CëRïSë said...

Oh, Lauren, great minds indeed! I miss cooking with you guys--and your comments cracked me up.

And Mumsie, it's mostly the texture--it's these very thin, crispy flakes, which just add a little extra interest. And I do wish I could be there for lunch!

strovska said...

those carrots are so pretty!

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, Strovksa! I'm really pleased with how they turned out--especially since we stuck them in the regular 6" of Square Foot Garden soil, instead of giving them 12".