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Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is my pie! The crust is rather ugly, but my grandma said her mother used to say that the sheen (which the lappy webcam actually did manage to capture) was the sign of a good pumpkin pie. It certainly was tasty! Our old family recipe (off the Libby's can) didn't fail me (and neither did David's mom's crust recipe--rolled out with the rolling pin* that belonged to my great-grandfather the baker).

The pie was just one facet of a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my grandparents and aunt and uncle: totally worth Bus Adventurin'!

*The Google tells me it's a style known as a French rolling pin--just a bar, without handles. I loved it!


Misty said...

The pie looks yummy! I also forayed into pie baking this year. The crust on my apple pie wasn't lovely, but like your pie, was tasty.

P.S. I got your text last week...made my day. I'll try to send your travel items back to you soon. =)

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, Misty! And please don't worry about sending the travel stuff; you can just chuck it. Postage would be more than they're worth!