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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Home, Cold Home

So, I'm back in Mpls. My flight in yesterday ended up being delayed an hour at the gate and then another 40 minutes on the runway, but I did make it. Today I managed to get my Christmas tree taken down, buy groceries, go to the chiropractor, get my hair cut, and cook a nice dinner, but the house is still a disaster. I guess I'll take tomorrow off, too.

I went to the chiropractor because my toe is still hurting. I haven't run since Vegas, and the toe still hurts. It has also taken to popping. Plus, I love my chiropractor's office. I'd forgotten how much until I was there this afternoon, the EMS, heat blanket, and massage finally calming the twitching I'd been doing all morning.

I was sheepish about my foot still hurting, but my chiropractor was reassuring and suggested we take an X-ray to see what we might find. As it turned out, the problem was readily visible, right there on the screen. Four of my toe joints are lovely and smooth, and the fifth, my first metatarsal head, has a little branch coming off it toward my second toe--a piece of bone that isn't supposed to be there. What has apparently probably happened is that the tendon has pulled little bits of the bone away, like a stress fracture, and started to heal over. Ugh.

So, they did a little bit of underwater ultrasound, some cool laser, some Graston stripping (a new experience for me), and taped me up. I'm going back in on Friday morning for some more work. Dr. Steve was very encouraging that since the toe business seems to be chronic, and not acute, I should be able to go back to running soon.

I hope so, because I'm already wondering about making it through this winter with my mental health firmly in place.


Leah said...

Hmm. I've never been to a chiropractor. But in some of my research on naturopaths (a LOT of them in Mpls, btw), I keep running across references to chiropractors. Are they related?

Misty said...

With a husband who is a now a chiropractor and previously spent some time in school to become a naturopath...I'll take the liberty to answer your question. Both have a natural approach to healing, but the chiropractor is more focused on the nervous and muscular systems. A licensed naturopath has the training to be like a family physician with a natural approach. Some of what chiropractors and naturopaths do overlaps. Both are well suited for dealing with chronic conditions that medical doctors can't seem to provide solutions for. I love them both, although licensed naturopaths are hard to come by in the Midwest!

CëRïSë said...

Misty, thanks so much for stepping in; you have much more experience with this than I do! I like that my chiropractor combines state-of-the-art Western medical technology, like the digital X-ray, with time and hands-on care that I've never received in a doctor's office. They also seem less inclined to just prescribe drugs, and more to promote healing. I've definitely heard that about naturopaths, too, although I haven't been to one.