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Friday, November 20, 2009


Strovska posted a link to a pretty amazing logic puzzle over at her blog. In my case, the puzzle started out as completely frustrating, but in the end proved extremely satisfying, in a totally nerdy way.

If you've already completed the puzzle, or don't intend to try it, you can click here for a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind (spoiler alert!). I wish my dissertation would come together like this puzzle did at the end, with all the pieces sliding right into place.

I also posted a distinctly creepy and surreal dream fragment over at the dream blog.


Curly Sue said...

I was also totally satisfied in that nerdy way! I haven't looked at your method yet, but I drew pictures and it worked out really well.

CëRïSë said...

Oooh, would you share your pictures? I'd love to see!

Mumsie said...

I figured it out! What a fun way to spend time at work.

CëRïSë said...

Good job, Mumsie!