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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Tonight, I bowled. I was first on the list, and threw a strike, causing the group to mock me for having told them I was terrible. I was vindicated in my prior assessment, however, throughout the next two games, in which I bowled an 87 and 75, respectively. I did throw three more strikes, though. Isn't that weird?

Also today, Becca and I made awesome Christmas ornaments, which hopefully I'll post about soon.


Ted said...

Hey, give us a call if you're around and want to hang out today. We have gelato... :-)

CëRïSë said...

I definitely want to hang out--and eat gelato! 'Can't wait!

Curly Sue said...

I've been told you're supposed to be able to bowl your own body weight. So you probably came close, right? ;)

strovska said...

this is after the fact, which is why i'm commenting on today's entry, but i love the bob dylan hair quote. i'm excited to read the interview you linked to when i have time, because then i can not only get a dose of bob dylan, but i can also join the ranks of those who Read Playboy for the Articles (ha).


CëRïSë said...

Leah, if I could bowl my own weight, I'd have a much more impressive score! I'm heavier than I look--and willing to practice my bowling, but not to lose weight! =)

Rachel, isn't that quote marvelous? I'll be interested to know whether the rest of the interview is worth reading!