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Monday, July 06, 2009


I ordered checks early last week, and since they were promised to have shipped Tuesday morning, by Friday evening I was anxious for them to arrive. David was here, and I asked if he'd check the mail for me while I was working in the kitchen. As he came back from the mailbox, he called, "There's a box for you, and it looks like a check box, but it doesn't look like the sort of thing a bank would send..."

I assured him that since they'd had to redo my check order and were sending them to a temporary address not printed on the checks, it might look a little sketchy. When he came in with the box, it was sketchy, the addresses printed on a torn-off piece of paper and packing tape sloppily holding it in place and sealing the box. Opening it, I still expected my checks, despite the chunk of Styrofoam and wad of cotton holding the smaller box in place. I was knocking the larger box on the counter to dislodge the smaller one when David pointed out, "I think those are your glasses."

Indeed they were, and despite their dodgy outer packaging, inside they were in a solid case with an enclosed polishing cloth. The glasses themselves were pristine: shiny, clean, solidly-constructed, and appropriately weighty, despite their $12.99 price tag.

Given my ridiculously strong prescription, I'd paid $45 for the highest index, thinnest lenses (though all of their lenses come with antiglare, scratch-free, and UV coating), so the total (including taxes, but not shipping, which was free) was $55.09.

I was so excited to receive them that I immediately put them on and then attempted, squinting fiercely through the over-correction, to see my reflection in the mirror. My head hurt for the next 15 minutes, so the next time I modeled them while wearing my contacts, I kept my eyes closed!

Here they are on (sans contacts):

...and from the side, with crazy-face:

My one complaint, and it can't be fixed, is that because my prescription is so strong, the lenses distort my face, shrinking my eyes and making the sides of my head behind the lenses appear caved in:

The thinner lenses do help, and if I were really concerned about it (i.e., planned to wear these for more than a few minutes in the morning/evening and in the event of a contact lens emergency), I'd probably try a narrower frame or maybe one with a half rim. The black are also a bit harsh; those red ones so many of you voted for were my very close second choice!

Overall, however, I am delighted, and love being able to see clearly (my prescription had changed rather dramatically in the past decade, including the correction balance for each eye), being scratch-free, and having appropriately fashionable and current specs.

I would completely recommend online buying to anyone who wears glasses. I'd suggest doing some research first--trying on frames in real life (and taking pictures!), measuring a current pair that fits well, and comparing different sites (goggles4u is consistently cheapest, but difficult to navigate)--but, really, for $55 (or $40, if you need only slight correction) , it's hard to go too wrong.

Go forth and experiment, I say--and then share your stories!


David said...

You look great in those new glasses. It's a pity you only wear them for a few minutes every day.

Also, that new necklace looks good too.

The Churches said...

Yes, David is right! You are smokin' in those glasses!! Good choice!

Curly Sue said...

Very nice. I wonder if you had trouble with fitting the frames to your face (i.e. lining up the sweet spot in the lenses with your eyeballs, fitting the earpieces, etc). That is my main concern with ordering online.

Nicole said...

So cute - I approve!

Nothing said...

Looks good! I approve.

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, guys! (And David, thanks for the necklace!)

I didn't have any trouble fitting the frames to my face; I guess I got lucky, although I did pick a style similar to ones I'd tried on in person. It might also be easier with plastic frames than wire ones, although there's less compensating that way for a crooked face (like mine!).

mandy said...

love them! you are too adorable! :)

strovska said...

very cute!

Ashley said...

Great glasses!