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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Here are camera phone pictures from today's adventures. Many more, and better, were taken, by people other than me--but these are fairly representative (primarily tide-pooling and four-wheeling!) :
And, on second thought, here are a few from other people's cameras:


Curly Sue said...

Hahahaha! HA! The thought of you riding an ATV all over the sand doesn't jive with my image of you as urbane, sophisticated academic. In the south, uber-rednecks ride ATVs.

The Churches said...

I agree with Curly Sue. Sophisticated PhD Ceri drivin' an ATV! AWESOME!!! Is that Sand Lake? Looks like LOTS of fun! Perfect weekend for it! We went the other way to Timothy Lake this weekend and it was still gorgeous!

Nothing said...

Seeing you on the 4-wheeler really takes me back to my childhood when we would go to the beach and tool around on the sand dunes. Hope you had fun! When does your road trip finally end?

CëRïSë said...

HA! I did feel rather far out of my element; there was at least one "redneck and proud of it" vinyl decal on one of the monstrous trucks, which did seem to reflect the general demographic!

I had a really fantastic time, though, and Adrianna's right--it was a perfect weekend for it! (And yes, I think it was Sand Lake--SO beautiful!)

Oh, and Jeremiah, I'm living in Walla Walla for the rest of the summer (with various excursions out and about!); 'hope to see you and your fam sometime!