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Sunday, May 10, 2009


A few firsts for today, in order of occurrence:

  • Running to and around both lakes and back with A, during which we averaged a spectacular* 8:30 pace over 9.43 miles!
  • Noticing that Band-Aid now embosses their boxes with braille
  • Watching Doubt at the Riverview (pretty good, very well-acted, and definitely thought- and conversation-provoking)
  • Carrying half a dozen local organic eggs (safely) home from the co-op on my bike, three in each jacket pocket
Not a first: being so exhausted after a morning long run that I vaguely hurt all over and sort of want to cry, not from pain or emotion, but from tiredness.

I still have six finals to grade. Back to it.

*This is relative, of course, but for me that pace is definitely spectacular.


Carissa J said...

Definitely spectacular!

K L said...

I am going to start running again tomorrow morning. I miss it.

Nothing said...

Wow. You carried eggs in your POCKETS? You are crazy, my friend. I salute you, however, for your bravery.

Melinda said...

I am so checking out the Band-Aid boxes next time I'm near one!

And someday I'm going to start running. If only to my car (approx 500 feet).