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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today I came across, for the first time, in an e-mail from the University president about our fairly dire funding situation, a word that made my skin crawl: planful. As in,

While it is clear that we will need to reduce the size of our workforce over the next two years, it is our goal to limit layoffs by continuing to take advantage of attrition, by reexamining the ways we work and being planful about filling vacant positions, by exploring other options including voluntary reduced-time appointments, and by improving service and efficiency.

Other things I am over:
  • Winter (snow this morning)
  • Staring at my computer, unable to write
  • Finally writing something, only to end up
  • Workshopping said paper and being told that I need to do a lot of
  • Revising it before
  • Giving a Dry Run presentation on it tomorrow
I'm also over grading essay exams, and submitting fellowship and grant proposals--but at least temporarily, I'm actually done with those! Woo! More time for "revising," which at the moment means staring at my computer and procrastiblogging. Sigh.


Curly Sue said...

Well, you'd better get cracking!

Incidentally, I have a recommendation for your conference in N.O.

A couple of people from LSU are presenting papers, and I just attended a dry run for one called "Bismarck Bisque and Rate Pate" by Michael Taylor. It was really good, so if you're bored, you should go!

That is, before we meet up for fun-time.

Curly Sue said...

Oh, that should be "Rat Pate."

Ben said...

I'm sorry for the winter and the blank-screen staring. If it helps, we had snow here this morning as well.

In other news, I thought it was funny that your skin crawled at the use of the made-up word "planful," and then you ended your post by willingly using another made-up word, "procrastiblogging." :)

Heather said...

I am also so over winter.

Ern said...

"procrastiblogging" = yes
"planful" = NO

strovska said...

hahahaha! planful! did he go on to urge readers to Think Outside the Box?

CëRïSë said...

Leah, I'll try to make it! Also, knowing I'll get to hang out with you guys means I'm dreading the trip out FAR less than I might be otherwise.

Ben, that's astute! I'm pretty sure it's not the made-up nature of the word that bugs me... I think it's a tie between what feels like its inherent grammatical incorrectness and the manager-speak weirdness (Thinking Outside the Box, as Rachel mentioned!).

And Heather and Erin, I'm glad you both agree with me. =)

Larissa said...

Planful. Wow.