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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things That Are Awesome V

Things That Are Awesome (Spring Edition):

  • Warm weather! Monday it was 67° and I ran in shorts. It was especially awesome because it was a full 70 degrees warmer than it had been the previous Wednesday (on which I refused to bike to school, because subzero biking is one thing in January or February, and another thing altogether in March).
  • Warm weather biking. It is so much easier to bike when you're not fighting snow, ice, a bitter wind, and/or your appendages freezing off. In the past week I've been early to two events because I had underestimated how long it would take me to bike there. It just feels so easy.
  • New earrings. Does anybody recognize these? I'm just curious. Although they're huge, they're so light and delicate that I can hardly feel them.
  • Spring break. I only have to be on campus for class one day a week, so having the week off school wasn't a huge change (though the break in University e-mails and related random events was awfully nice). The best part has been socializing with people from the department: two happy hours, one Soup Night, and a brunch, so far. One of the happy hours was even outside! Having a spring break that actually feels like spring rules.
  • Being spoiled. Because I was so stressed about the applications, papers, and grading I have to get done, David surprised me by booking and treating me to an aromatherapy massage at this fabulous converted mansion in my neighborhood. It was 90 minutes of wonderful, and left me feeling amazing. Oh, and as if that weren't enough, just after I got back home, UPS delivered this from him, which made me laugh out loud (note the card):
Yep. So far, spring has me feeling so good that I kind of don't even care about the mice anymore ('caught the third one a couple days ago). Even billing my landlord seems like too much trouble, when the sun is shining (and your comments to that post were awesome, by the way!). Life is good.


chelfea said...

The seen on From anthropologie? Anyway, they're pretty. I want some like that--so long as they're light! :)

I Hope So said...

WOW. you are totally spoiled! but you so deserve it. i want a 90 minute aromatherapy massage! (but i don't want a reason for someone to give me the book mouse hunt! hehe)

CëRïSë said...

Chelfea: Spot on! And they are super-light--much lighter than many smaller earrings I own.

And Mandy: Awww, thanks. And I haven't watched the Mouse Hunt DVD yet, but am guessing it's all happy endings (as mine will be, eventually, though maybe for different reasons!).

Curly Sue said...

Ooh, I love those earrings. So pretty.

Larissa said...

70.....degrees....warmer...?!!!! That should never be possible!