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Sunday, February 01, 2009


I have enough introverted tendencies to know how important alone time can be, but I still don't think I'd mind if the vast majority of my weekends were like this past one, full of friends, cultural activities, and shared food!

On Thursday, after spending the day running errands with my neighbor and her mom, I met a friend downtown for Spring Awakening at the Orpheum. It was an excellent production, with strong acting and enjoyable music, though a bit dark and full of an almost dizzying array of teen issues. Friday, I had dinner with my neighbor and her fiance at Pancho Villa before heading into Saint Paul for another friend's CD release party. Two of the three bands that went on before them were great, and of course my friend's band rocked (the less great band just made my ears hurt). Saturday, a friend and I spent the morning pursuing bargains (I scored a $150 dress for 90% off and a pair of Anne Klein shoes for $10!). Later, I joined another friend for dinner at her place before we headed to the Russian National Ballet's Sleeping Beauty and met up later with more friends for pizza. Finally, today, I cooked for and attended a Superbowl party I had convinced friends to host (lacking a telly puts me at a disadvantage for these things). I made seven-layer dip, cream cheese caramel dip, and a huge vegetable tray, and brought lots of chips, tzatziki dip, apples, and cherry cider. I was disappointed with the outcome of the game (the last time I watched a Superbowl was when the refs won for the Steelers against Seattle,* and although I didn't think this year's calls were quite as egregious, they didn't seem entirely fair, either), but it was engaging, nonetheless. What made it priceless was watching the halftime show with an entire room full of Springsteen fans my age. In the early 80s, I knew the Boss as a sort of deity (watching him sing Glory Days with Steve brought back memories I'd forgotten I had!), but I was far from the biggest fan in the crowd of art historians. Oh, and the look on his face alone when he slid into the camera was worth the entire Superbowl!

So. My to-do list for today only made it as far as two items ("Dishes" and "Clean kitchen") but I accomplished both (multiple times, in fact, as things in my tidy kitchen quickly devolved into disaster once again as I made guacamole, assembled the dips, and chopped vegetables), which is probably about right for a Sunday. Soon enough, I'm going to have to get really serious about producing some writing--summoning those introverted tendencies to the charge!--but for the moment, I'm totally slacking and absolutely loving it.

*Thanks to Chelfea for the link--although from the post, I'm not sure she shared my sentiments about the officiating!


David said...

That's an impressive spread. Do you cater?

Too bad about Arizona. I thought they were going to pull it off for a bit there. The repeated penalties against the Cardinals were frustrating, but they didn't appear to be bad calls.

I Hope So said...

you are so totally a butterfly. in fact, that word describes you perfectly! i agree with david, that is an impressive spread. i didn't watch the superbowl. how un-american of me.


chelfea said...

No, I did share your sentiments -- thusly. Not my best post, but my mood and abilities always take a nosedive at the end of football season. :(

Nothing said...

I was rather upset of the outcome as well. Poor Arizona.

CëRïSë said...

I can't take credit for all the food in that picture; friends also contributed impressively! Not pictured are roasted butternut squash soup, fresh bread, chocolate banana bread, chocolate covered cherries, and more.

And Chelfea, I'm glad that I misread the original post and that you did in fact agree with me! You know more about football than almost anyone else I know, so yours is an expert opinion in my mind.