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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


  • One of the Popcan's (many) names was the Sapphire Bullet of Pure Love
  • Tonight I started my taxes, but couldn't finish them because I was missing a tuition form
  • I lost one of my toenails
  • I painted the other nine, and the spot where the tenth used to be
  • I've been sick all week, but I'm feeling better (not dead yet!)
  • My voice isn't totally back yet, but I'm only missing every fifth syllable or so now, instead of every second or third
  • I've been drinking a lot of tea and ginger/lemon/honey goodness
  • It has been raining here
  • I feel like I should be happier about that, because at least it's warm
  • I don't, though, because (a) it's gray and ugly and (b) it's still going to be winter for another two months, at least
  • I am, however, happy about this upcoming weekend!
  • I love my new red laptop
  • I used it to edit the paper I'm workshopping tomorrow, but mostly I'm liking catching up on TV on the Internet
  • Oh, and video chat with the built-in webcam! Who knew?
  • I forgot to rip a copy of my brother's new CD before giving my last copy away, but he sent me one a few days ago
  • It's brilliant, the kind of album you want to listen to over and over again (which I've been doing)
  • Someday I'll succeed in persuading them to set up a website that actually sells said album (each of which is a beautiful, individual piece of art)
  • Until then, you can mail $8 to an address I'll give you if you're interested
  • Seriously, though, I'll work on them on the website. Setting it up myself is far more tempting than, say, writing a dissertation


David said...

It's snowing in Oregon and you have rain in Minnesota!? I want my (relatively) warm weather back!

Good luck with the workshopping.

Curly Sue said...

I was fine with the missing toenail information until you mentioned that you painted the space it formerly occupied. Ack!

I Hope So said...

hahaha i agree with curly sue. ack!

hope your weekend is awesome and yes, your bro needs a website. what the heck? it's 2009! i want a cd but i'm sure i'll never get around to using the mail.