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Monday, December 15, 2008

What -5° Looks Like

(...from indoors, where I firmly stayed until a friend took me downtown to see Australia, about which I'll blog tomorrow as long as I pass my 1:00 French final exam and am therefore not too brokenhearted to function.)


Adrianna said...

Ceri, have you even not passed an exam?

David said...

Good luck with the test and try to stay warm.

Ellen said...

I can't see what -5 looks like because there's so much frost on the windows.


Curly Sue said...

Is that a pumpkin on your balcony?


CëRïSë said...

Adrianna, I flunked a geography test in sixth grade! But thanks for what I assume is a vote of confidence.

David, thanks; I did take the bus today (although I have the bad feeling that I got colder waiting for my transfer downtown than I would have biking!).

Ellen, I know; it's so inconvenient.

And Curly Sue, yep! It's the same one as in this post; it's been there a while.