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Friday, December 12, 2008

Things That Are Awesome III

If you're tired of the awesome, you should check out Seth's new blog, The Daily Who Be Trippin' Countdown

Things That Are Awesome (the slightly accessory-heavy edition):

  • The necklace I bought today at the open house held by the professor for whom I TA. Her main home business is selling ridiculously expensive (though beautiful) designer handbags, but she also does some cute jewelery pieces and paper products. I love the little bird on this one (and it was... cheep!). You can't tell in my pictures (the flash seems to have gone out on my camera, which is making things more challenging), but the bird charm is resting on a delicate, metal-edged enameled disc (that totally looks like a tasty lozenge).
  • The J. Crew shopping trip (accompanying my neighbor) that yielded a hand-painted enamel bracelet for $6.99 (originally $35 and ridiculously difficult to photograph) and heavy, fully-lined, charcoal wool slacks for $48.99 (originally $118, and not pictured... maybe later).
  • The fact that Minnesota doesn't have sales tax on clothing (or, for that matter, shoes). Isn't that brilliant?
  • Yesterday's black beans and rice with asiago, today with avocado and salsa. People. There are few words to describe the wonder. I almost swooned. (Though that could, admittedly, have also been related to how hungry I was).
  • Winter running (still). Today was viciously cold (when I got home, the radio said it was "six above"), but we still had a pretty awesome run. We both got icy eyelashes, which I didn't quite manage to photograph before they started to melt. My neighbor said of our frosty mascara, "We're disco queens!" In this photo, you can also see ice not only on my balaclava, but around my eyebrows.

    Curly Sue said...

    Oh, it's not fair! You and Strovska are finding nifty jewelry and I am wishing that I was. Maybe if I got out more...


    I Hope So said...

    i'm so loving your things that are awesome series. and the frosty eyelashes are most definitely AWESOME.

    Larissa said...

    You should tell Oprah to put those on her Favorite Things show