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Monday, December 01, 2008


I somehow didn't realize until after I posted yesterday that it was my last post of NaBloPoMo! It's true. I successfully accomplished my first ever November of daily posting. It's a bit anticlimactic, but the wonderful thing is that now that it's December, there are only three weeks before I fly to California.

So, even though I'm no longer obligated to post daily, here I am again. I don't have that much to say, except that I did accomplish two more of the four things I listed yesterday; I'm going to write that abstract tomorrow and submit it then, even though it was due today. I applied for money to go to that conference, so my adviser knows about it. If I submit an abstract, even if it's late, I'll feel better telling her that I was rejected than if I didn't submit anything at all. I suppose there's a chance they'd let me in, too, even if I'm late. I think it's worth trying; I've never been to Boston, and I'd like to go.


I Hope So said...

i think you are the only one i know who accomplished nablopomo the way it was intended to be accomplished! yay you!

and i hope you make it to boston *fingers crossed*

utenzi said...

Congratulations on having had such a prolific November, Cerise. May your December be similarly fruitful.

Mumsi said...

I want to hear how the penne and butternut squash turned out.