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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's kind of hard to believe that today is only Tuesday.

The week of Thanksgiving always throws me off: Wednesday feels like Friday, Thursday feels like Saturday, etc. And since I was up late completing a fellowship application (which our department's awesome administrative assistant and I got collated, copied, signed, sealed, and--yes--delivered, to the Graduate College this afternoon); and since I had a student break down crying during my office hours, which is always a bit exhausting; and since it seems as though half of our department is in relational readjustment; and also because we went ahead and took an hour of happy after school; it feels like much later in the week.

In fact, this evening I haven't done any work, just cleaning. My mom taught me it's always better to return from a trip to a clean and orderly home (and the friend returning from Peru may swing by to pick up her plants while I'm gone, too, so I'd like things to be tidy). Thursday morning, between five and six (my friend said he'd call tomorrow to let me know whether it was going to be closer to five or to six) I'm heading to Chicago! Road trips make me excited in general, but ones around the holidays always feel especially festive. Plus, I get to see Ellen, and this time I don't have to take the bus. Which I did, two years ago, although for some reason I completely neglected to blog about it at all.

Hey! Last night I found out I was accepted to present at a conference in Milwaukee this February. I'm pretty excited about that; I've never been, and if I drive, I'm also hoping to get a look at Madison.

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