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Saturday, November 01, 2008

It Starts

Today is Day One of NaBloPoMo! It's one month of daily blogging, and you too can join the madness. And, really, it's not like NaNoWriMo or anything. Comparatively, this should be a snap!

I'm counting on this being an auspicious month, mostly because I have survived October. I had a friend in high school who always hated February; it was a historically bad month for her. I'd never thought of months in terms of their badness or goodness, but recently I'm thinking that my October might be her February. Granted, this year's wasn't nearly as rough as last year's--with its incessant rain, the Great Mouse Wars, and that pesky stress fracture--but it did come with its own struggles.

However, this year, there's even more reason to look forward to November. In just three short days, the U.S.A. will be making history of one sort or another, and I am positively tingling with excitement. Yes, I was excited in 2004, but mostly because I thought we were going to take the opportunity to rid ourselves of--and apologize to the rest of the world for--a mistake of epic proportions, and not because I had any particular interest in the candidate for whom I voted. This time around, the excitement is palpable, in large part because we have the opportunity to vote for a candidate whom many in the country (and again, around the world) not only respect, but actually like, feel energized by, and believe. We have the opportunity to vote for someone we'd enjoy watching and listening to for the next four years. We have the opportunity to vote not out of fear or embarrassment or anger desperation, but out of genuine inspiration and a belief that our country can and will do better--for our own citizens, for the environment, and for our neighbors in the global community.

Here's to November!


Ern said...

Pretty crazy that we'll be spending most of NaBloPoMo post-election! We've been waiting so long, and now, Nov. 4 is all but here. :)

I Hope So said...

hoooray november!! can you believe we are so close to the 4th?? i'm *dying*. i'm also dying for it to be over.

i'm so happy you are doing nablopomo! yaaaay! (it appears i'm a bit too celebratory at the moment)

Melinda said...

I was in Kenya when Obama was there and I was in Germany when he visited there. The excitement was palpable and I hope that it will be again on November 5th!

P.S. I was not stalking him. Just for the record I arrived in those countries first!

K L said...

I voted Obama, that should put him over the top...unless Nader eeks out a victory.

Curly Sue said...

I just learned via the New York Times that Louisiana (my new home state, yay) is one of the states that, in the last couple of weeks, has shifted from being so-so McCain to strongly McCain.

Cheers to living in a state where we've seen bumper stickers in the FACULTY PARKING LOT that say "W: Still the President".