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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


On a friend's laptop...

Waiting for molten chocolate lava cakes to chase our French onion soup and potato pizza...

Still recovering from all the weeping for joy.


nmrboy said...

molten chocolate lava cakes make me weep with joy too.

oh. oh, i see.


Holly Marie said...

I know! It is like we've been holding our breath and now we can finally relax! The weird thing was when the news channel here in Taiwan announced Obama's victory they showed clips of that movie about the president getting shot at along with clips of MLK Jr. and JFK getting assassinated. ...not really sure what the message behind THAT was...?

Angela said...

um...that taiwan channel scares me. i trust that obama will live. we must protect him...but i suppose there is not protection from truly crazy people.

ceri! i love your passion. i didn't weep, but i still feel a little teared up when i think about all the people who voted and have never voted before. they must know that they did make a huge difference. you make a huge difference least to me.