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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brief Race Update

So I not only survived this year's TCM, but, against all odds, actually had a pretty fantastic time!

It's probably a bit early to know whether or not my legs (and particularly that left tibia) suffered any significant injury, as at the moment pretty much every part of my body is sore and exhausted, but my friends did note that I was not limping, as I was last year, which in itself seems like a very positive thing! Oh. And I was able to ride my bike to and from the restaurant where we celebrated afterward; although it was only about five blocks from my house, the act of riding there seems to have cemented among my friends my reputation of absolute lunacy. I have now achieved legend status.

I will tell more marathon stories later (and do I ever have them), but at the moment, I'm overdue for some sleep, and my bed is calling my name.


Ern said...

I agree with those friends. You ARE a lunatic!

Ern said...

But congrats on the race. :)

strovska said...

wow, yes, when it sunk in to me that a marathon was what you were referring to (i hadn't read the previous post), i had to work to digest the part about riding the bike.

nmrboy said...

well done! the very idea scares the hell out of me. cycling five blocks, that is, let alone the marathon. taxi anyone?


I Hope So said...

the legend of ceri. has a nice ring to it. you're awesome!