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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day three

Breakfast: Cornmeal "mush" and fresh strawberries glazed with sugar-free jam
Snack: Half an apple
Lunch: Mujadara, crudites, and hummus
Snack: Dates and almonds*
Dinner: Taco soup with corn chips

I totally meant to post a Friday Favorite yesterday, and then I forgot! Anyway, here it is: my current favorite lip balm, Alba Botanica's Un-Petroleum Plant Powered Lip Care in tangerine. Jojoba oil, SPF 18, smells like a bag of Skittles (and tastes nice, too!). Awesome.

Also: I only heard about it today, but those of you in the news loop probably already know that the Red Cross is out of money and is having to borrow in order to assist flood and disaster victims in the Midwest. You can donate here; select Disaster Relief Fund.

*This is pretty much my favorite healthy dessert-substitute ever. Sweet, crunchy, and satisfying--with lots of fiber, and no refined sugar.


David said...

I'm very impressed with your 21 day thing. I can't imagine going that long without gluten. That gets rid of pretty much all your wheat products right? Good luck.

Ern said...

That soup sounds great! Is the "j" pronounced like jump, or like an "h"?

Also, I agree with David. The gluten would be the hardest thing for me to go without.

Curly Sue said...

Ooh, I love me some Alba. I use their "very emollient lotion" every single day. It's my facial moisturizer, my lotion, everything.

CëRïSë said...

Dave, yeah, the gluten thing has been the hardest so far. We're cutting out all wheat, but things like oats (which do have some gluten) are okay.

Erin, in mujadara (which is actually more like a casserole, and super yummy!), the "j" is pronounced like jump. I could never pronounce it satisfactorily for the owner of the Jerusalem Cuisine, where I first tried it, though.

And Leah, I love Alba, too! I use their (also "very emollient") body wash, though I haven't yet tried their lotion. Next on the list!