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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Winding down

I made myself read until 9:00, even though the invitation said 8:00. There is just so much to read--and, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, an hour less in which to do it! It's possible that tomorrow I will begrudge the hours I spent at the party, but I find it terribly difficult to resist the opportunity to hang out with people I like, especially if it's the first time I've seen someone's apartment. Plus, I figure that if that high school teacher was right, no time spent developing relationships is ever wasted.

I just got home, and I need to sleep so that I can spend all day tomorrow reading. I'll be leaving Lappy here, so that I really do spend the whole time reading. There's the reading for Monday's seminar to start, and the reading for Wednesday's seminar to finish; the latter has been more pressing because I'm presenting on it.

Presenting on it (with a partner) after hearing an hour of lecture, teaching two hours of section, and spending an hour in my office being available to students, as is my Wednesday habit.

But this week, as soon as seminar is over, I'm catching the lightrail to the airport! To fly LEFT!


Ern said...

Ooh, where to?

Curly Sue said...

Where are you going? Is it spring break already?!

I Hope So said...

enjoy your trip left! i hope it's just perfect :)

K L said...

I am keen on your reading discipline. I just picked up a pile of books at the library that I will never read through. Grad school has killed my desire to read and yet, here YOU are in school, reading.

King Rupert said...

Daylight saving time is an enemy to us all.