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Monday, March 03, 2008

A pox!

Well, Internets, my stomach, love handles, and shoulders are covered in a smattering of tiny red bumps.

In the office at school, we discussed the situation. I don't think that "providing too much information about personal maladies" is one of the most common ways to gain friends and influence people, but I will say that allowing others to help you with your most pressing distractions does facilitate the development of a certain kind of rapport. So does showing them your love handles.

My colleagues offered many suggestions. Could it be stress? I am certainly under a great deal of stress, and my skin has a history of reacting. Something I'd eaten? I'd never had that red curry at True Thai before. Maybe contact dermatitis? I did recently start using a lotion I'd rediscovered after a perhaps-too-long hiatus.

I easily ruled out the scarlet fever and hives using Google image search--which is not for the faint of heart when being used to research medical conditions, but does once again make for interesting office conversations.

When my sister called tonight, I naturally asked her about my red bumps. As I was describing them, I realized they're of the precise persuasion of the bumps I get on my chest after long runs, under my tank top. As I thought about it, I realized that yesterday had been, pathetically, my first workout of any sort since I left California: I biked to school and back. It was warm (high of 37!), and I overdid the layers in a way it's easy to do this time of year. I ended up sweaty and panting.

The result, as near as I can figure--in addition to an ego dented by how out of shape I've gotten since I've been driving to school (like a pansy)--is this nice rash. Insult to injury. I hope it goes away soon.


Ern said...

As if you have love handles. pffff!

Yes Is A World said...

Can I give you TMI in regards to medical histories? I have the weirdest allergy ever. My body cannot handle temperature changes. So basically I break out into hives if I go running outside in the winter or jump into a freezing pool in the summer. The inside/outside difference makes my skin freak out.

Sadness. But I'm actually over and find it more funny than anything else now. Dear Allergy Medicine, I love you when I work out.

The end.

I Hope So said...

dude, i've seen you in person. you don't have love handles. you really need to check your facts before hitting the publish button.

(hope that rash goes away soon!)


CëRïSë said...

I'm not sure what else to call the soft spots between my waist and hips! Can't they be love handles even if they're not very big?

And Nic, I too am allergic to the cold! Sometimes (it's not consistent), being outside in the winter gives me itchy hives. Ick.

april said...

yeah, medical images are definitely not for the faint of heart! in nursing school, krista and i had these great, illustrated medical dictionaries. it wasn't uncommon, while studying, for one of us to gasp suddenly, or shudder, and the other one to automatically reply (without looking up) "you can't just go flipping through that thing!")

Curly Sue said...

Well, I've even put photos of my weird rashes on my blog, so I can't point fingers. All I can say is: I totally understand the stress-related, weather-related rash.

And I totally agree about doing image searches for "rash" on google. Way scary.