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Friday, March 21, 2008


My pictures and mini-travelogue aren't quite as exciting as Curly Sue or Strovska's, but here they are anyway:

Wednesday: I leave Minneapolis

Thursday: While Bryant is in the field, I read and work at the coffee shop across the UNLV campus from his apartment

Friday: We drive to Red Rocks, go to the coffee shop with Bono on the wall, and explore the strip

Saturday: More coffee (tea), the MGM lions, a Cirque du Soleil show (not pictured), and the fountains and conservatory at the Bellagio

Sunday: These are the wild kitties Bryant feeds; they're very shy.

Monday: I soak up sun in beautiful DHS

Tuesday: My parents and I eat and hang out in Palm Springs in the warm sunshine

Wednesday: Beanna and I chat in the sunshine and do a little shopping; I fly home.

Now I'm back in Minneapolis and we're having a Winter Storm. Most of the snow had melted when I got back early Thursday morning, but then it started snowing last night and has been going all day today. Sigh.

I am happy to have had such a lovely--if brief--reprieve from my real life, but it does make it hard to come back. Did you see how nice the UNLV campus is? People actually live in these warm, sunny places--I know some of them personally!

The truth, of course, is that I'm very fortunate to be able to travel to, and to have lived in, such diverse and varied places. And someday, hopefully soon, I should be able to live closer to my favorite people--and maybe even someplace warm.

But in the meantime, I need to go be studious, or I won't be able to pass my classes and exams and get out of here.


Carissa J said...

When I saw the last photo all my insides cringed and I felt very sad for you. Good luck with your studies--I'm glad for you that you won't be in the North forever.

turqois said...

What a wonderful break. All the LV pics looked familiar. But you didn't go to Spamalot? Truly, you have missed a great cultural experience. :)

Ern said...

Next time you're out here for any length of time, we'll all have to get together again. :)

Spring is here. It will only take a little longer for the north country to realize it.

K L said...

Even photographs of sunshiny places must give me some vitamin D. I feel happier just having looked at them. Eastern Washington is having enough sol to get by but the northern chill is still floating about... thanks for the reminder that warmth is coming this direction.

I Hope So said...

this post reminds me to be thankful. very thankful.

i'm crossing my fingers for you and summer and california :)

Daniel said...

So my sister and I were looking at the kitten picture and she said they were really cute. I explained that it was Vegas, and they probably had some work done.