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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Three pointer

1. Internets, I love you. Thank you for responding to what was apparently blatant compliment-fishing. For the record, I do not wish to look 18, but do appreciate hearing that I don't look haggard.

2. Ern's recent story of a near-miss reminded me of an event that happened last Thursday, which proves that getting older doesn't necessarily mean getting smarter. I had been arranging things in my closet, and was standing in the doorway, leaning over a stack of storage boxes and trying to reach something in the back. I heard a thunk, which sounded like something had fallen. When I straightened up to look, I realized that such was in fact the case: my iron, which I had just replaced on the top shelf of my closet, had toppled from there and landed in the laundry basket inches from me. I cringe too hard to actually think about it for long.

3. I was up until the wee hours of this morning finishing prepping for teaching today--two back-to-back sections directly following lecture. Lecture ended with a flurry of discussion, which the professor suggested we might continue in sections. I started the first section by continuing that conversation, but still made it through three of my seven slides as I facilitated discussion on a slightly different topic. In the second class, I didn't expect as much response, and it did start a bit slowly--but then picked up so quickly that we never made it into the PowerPoint at all. In fact, the discussion became so involved that I had to interrupt the conversation to dismiss everyone. It was a pretty intense 50 minutes, but also rather thrilling.


Carissa J said...

I love good teaching days.

I Hope So said...

holy moses. you were almost killed by an iron. that's as bad as that guy i read about years ago who was killed by tubs of ice cream falling on him inside an ice cream freezer. it's just such an odd way to go, you know? i'm cringing just thinking about it...

good job on the discussion!

The Second Red said...

It is good to know that other teachers have a pile of instruction they never get to because of great discussions/ tangents. Today I realized it was the middle of the week and we had hardly touched the language lessons thus far. My student teacher quickly executed a crunch of the concepts and the kids came off remarkably unscathed and perhaps a bit more language savvy. Funny how learning gets in the way of learning.

Ern said...

You could have had top-of-the-head stitches to match the ones in your chin from last summer. :)

I've never taught, but I would much rather be in a class with interesting discussion than an efficient trip through the powerpoint. Sounds like a success!

Curly Sue said...

Good teaching days make you feel like you're doing something right in the world, eh?

My problem was always that the students would get off on an unrelated tangent, and then I'd have to try to rein them back in the general direction of the topic.