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Friday, February 15, 2008


My mom requested pictures of the coat she bought me over Christmas, which was delivered here and which she therefore hadn't seen.

So here it is! As an added bonus, in the second picture you can see the tops of my new boots.

I do not feel at all inclined to finish the readings for this week's seminars, nor to grade the 50 (2-3 page) papers my students turned in on Wednesday. Even the prospect of finding time for the independent research required by this semester's courses, in addition to reading for class, grading, and prepping for teaching--let alone finishing French--is so daunting that I can't really think about it.

As a result, this afternoon I have washed dishes, scrubbed the stove, and cleaned my kitchen, and was seriously considering waxing my bathroom floor. Even the prospect of filing my taxes, which I (inexplicably these days, as I'm almost certainly due a refund) generally avoid until the last minute, is sounding tempting.

Clearly, I simply need to find a task so abhorrent that reading and grading would appear attractive in comparison therewith. It also should be something I need to do (so hand-washing my car outside doesn't qualify--assuming this would be possible in the current 7° temperatures).

I know I sound like a pansy, complaining about staying in my warm apartment, sitting in a comfortable chair, perhaps sipping a hot drink, and "working" my "brain." This gig pays my rent, and doesn't even give me blisters. I also know that it's my own choice that I'm in 20th grade, and that on my current track, I still have plenty of this ahead of me, so I'd better just suck it up and get it done.

Which is why I'm blogging. Sigh.


Ern said...

Love the coat! You look very put together. :)

I Hope So said...

it looks like you are sporting very long braids in that first photo.

i love those boots.

and i love the term, procrastiblogue.

nmrboy said...

not relating to your post in any way (nice coat, though), i wanted you to know that for a brief ten minutes on friday my supervisor was considering sending me to minnesota to learn about some things we're using here (insert boring programming discussion). as it turns out i don't think it will happen, but it was exciting for a moment.


The Second Red said...

It is remarkable how constructive I have been now that my masters project due date is looming on the immediate horizon. I have painted, cooked, baked, visited friends, played music, and generally been way more productive than usual. It would be nice if I could act that way without impending doom. You are a diva in that coat.

strovska said...

i love the coat! it looks like the perfect multi-purpose looks-good-with-anything coat. i'm also glad to see you finally found your multipurpose boots. just occurred to me that maybe my house would be clean if i were also in 20th grade (having the same procrastination issues). so now i have the answer to my housekeeping woes--go to grad school!

CëRïSë said...

Ooh, thanks for the coat compliments, guys!

And Neil, if ever you do make it to Minnesota (which is, I'll admit, VERY exciting), I'll totally take you out for coffee.

That offer stands for any of you Alert Readers who would like to come visit, by the way!

Curly Sue said...

My 21st grade procrastination methods include house-cleaning too, as well as various personal maintenance tasks (caring for fingernails, toenails, hair trimming, flossing, etc).

Love the coat, btw.

erin said...

dude, i have that coat in charcoal. got it on sale at macy's. awesome.

lee said...

'20th grade'! Superb coinage.