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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Personal record

I filed my taxes today! And I'm getting money back! I won't say how much, but I did go ahead and pay the $30 to file my state return online, because it seemed worth it.

I like H&R block's online TaxCut program, and since I've used them for the past few years, they import my data automatically, which is pretty nice. The other nice thing about this year was that I only had two jobs, both in the same state, and for neither was I self-employed. My goodness, does that simplify things. Last year, as I mentioned, I had six jobs in four states (although I only had to file in three). It was my worst tax year to date. This year was my easiest since 2001.

I have double-checked my 1040 information and confirmed that I haven't claimed any exemptions, so I don't know why they keep taking so much tax off my paychecks. Still, even though I know the government is keeping my money without interest, etc., it is awfully nice to get a chunk of it back!

The other really great thing about Minnesota is that you get part of your rent back--a percentage of the property tax you paid, apparently. They don't send out those checks until the summer for some reason, but I'm thinking it will come in very handy for that last part of the summer before I start getting paychecks again fall semester.


Heather said...

We have a tax appointment scheduled for this next week. Yeah!

Voth said...

Awesome. My refund has been spent, but it was nice to get. Now I'm looking forward to my personal economy being stimulated. I will pay rent, and it will be fun.

Ern said...

Way to get it done early! I'm looking forward to another simple year too.

The first year we were married, we filed separately, had employers in two states, and David had a small business. Blech.

I Hope So said...

gonna file tomorrow. i'm crossing my fingers.

The Churches said...

They take less dough out of your check the more exemptions you claim. Doug and I actually had to up ours to 8(!) last year to make it less of a chunk!