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Thursday, February 07, 2008


I didn't even know this site existed until just now. I found this quote particularly amusing.

I discovered it while googling in an attempt to find information about a local news feature that was shot at my Dunn Bros last week while I was there. The interviewer* warned me ("in case you're skipping work or are wanted or anything"** ) that I might be in the background of the shot in soft focus. And, ooh! I just found it, and I am. See if you can spot me:

Isn't my coffee shop awesome? I don't think the guy in the clip is a regular, though; that was the first time I'd seen him there.

Tonight I made this soup and baked bread. I used small ring pasta instead of broken vermicelli. It was pretty tasty, but nothing too amazing.

And had you heard that Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million dollars? I'm on the Obama e-mail list, so I keep getting messages from "Barack" and his campaign, which is how I became aware of it yesterday evening (they asked for money, and apparently there was a record-setting response).

Finally, from Obama's website, this graphic, which includes three, to quote Mandy, of "the lot" of U.S. states in which I've lived (and in which some of you readers still do! (Don't forget to vote!)):

*I didn't even recognize the name of the TV station, let alone his, when he introduced himself, though it's certainly nothing personal; I hope my blank stare wasn't offensive.

**I'm not.


I Hope So said...

you look so classy in that interview. you totally should do catalog modeling. like for banana republic or something.

and that advertising guy has my mac!

and i'm getting messages from barack, too. and i've added him to my myspace. though i know how much you hate the myspace. hehe.

Yes Is A World said...

very glad to hear that you're not wanted

Ern said...

You look so cozy reading by the fire. :)

Curly Sue said...

You definitely looked classy in the background, as though they planted you there to make the place seem cooler.