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Monday, January 28, 2008

Precip... precipita... rain

We had rain today: RAIN! It hit 43 degrees, although tomorrow the predicted high is 10 above, and the predicted low 10 below.

I wore my scarf on the ride to school, but didn't even wrap it around my face. I also got thoroughly spattered in oily, black, winter-thaw mud. That was slightly disturbing, but as I told a classmate, I'd gladly deal with the spattering if we could have temps like today's all winter.

A true Minnesotan I, clearly, am not.


Carissa J said...

I've been keeping an eye on the weather up north and I don't understand how I, a born and raised northerner, can still be surprised at the wildly fickle weather.

(And, just for the record, I'm enjoying rain here too--in 53 degree weather.)

Erin said...

hey there - just updating my blog circle of my new location:

i will be visiting here more often. once i have hi-speed internet that is...

turqois said...

I'll trade you. We've got a foot of snow. A FOOT! Took me an hour to shovel our sidewalks.

Kendra said...

you inspire me... biking to school in the middle of the winter!!! as you brag about 43 degrees, i shiver as i think of you on your bike without a scarf!!! 43 degrees does not equal no scarf!!!! bundle up woman! =D