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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Eve & Christmas pictures

So I've spent memorable New Year's Eves watching the Space Needle fireworks in the Seattle Center, dancing at the EMP, at a midnight Bach concert in St. James Cathedral, and even in Pasadena touring the pre-Rose Parade crowds (though it was Bryant who volunteered to actually sleep on the sidewalk to save our seats).

This year's, though, which I spent out in Loma Linda with Deanna, was one of my favorites yet. We spent the afternoon shopping, drinking coffee, and talking (Deanna came up with the idea to drive to Vegas to visit a couple of high school classmates this weekend) in the sunshine slanting in over the mountains. In the evening, we made and ate dinner (fettucine alfredo with broccoli, zucchini, carrots and mushrooms), and then talked our way through a couple of movies (as Deanna pointed out, we spent the evening with two of the hottest men out there--Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt!) before watching the "live" broadcast of the ball dropping in Times Square and then going to bed. Deanna had to work at 7:00, so I left when she did and was back out to the desert in time for breakfast (one without coffee (instant,* in these parts); I think I'll try breaking my addiction while I'm out here with the sunshine to comfort me and no early classes to make). It was a lovely holiday.

Speaking of the holiday, I've put together an album of pictures from when the family was together. Joel flew in on Tuesday just a couple of hours before I did, and April and Chris arrived the next morning. Those two flew back to Seattle Christmas evening, but Joel got to stay through Friday evening. Here are a few of the highlights:

I'm here for another two and a half weeks--although I did respond to an e-mail from the professor for whom I'll be TAing this semester that I can look at changing my reservation if she needs me before the 22nd. It was 70 here today (60 degrees warmer than Minneapolis's high...), so I'm hoping she doesn't.

*If the real stuff is unavailable, I recommend the individually sealed teabag-style "singles," which stay fresh and taste pretty good.


I Hope So said...

you look hot with a nose stud!

looks like you are having a great time!!

Cerise said...

Ha! Thanks Mandy. =)

Curly Sue said...

You're breaking your coffee addiction? But why, why?

Ellen read some book of my mom's from the 1970s (?) about sugar, and now she's not eating sugar. And me with my attempts at not eating dairy.

Have we lost all our vices? Does this mean we're old?

Cerise said...

I go off coffee every once in a while (usually while I'm here in the desert) because I don't really like being indebted to a substance, especially one that's not very good for me. I also want it to work when I need it to, and if I need it just in order to feel -normal- (let alone feel it working), that's a problem. I'm sure I'll be back on it soon enough--grad school and a Minnesota winter pretty much guarantee that--but I do like to quit if only to prove to myself that I can and to sort of detox.

And good for you and Ellen for giving up dairy and sugar respectively; I salute you!