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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold, carbs, coffee

Apparently the wind chill was 15 below when I hopped on my bike this morning to ride to school. I had looked up bus schedules last night, but had ultimately decided to ride, as, among other reasons, I was afraid that if I didn't today I wouldn't all winter and would thus go soft.

It was surprisingly easy, actually. I still haven't purchased a balaclava, and the scarf I wrapped around my face stiffened as my breath condensed and froze solid, but the SmartWool glove liners my mom gave me for Christmas helped keep my fingers toasty, and my legs remembered how to propel me even after the weeks I've been away. Apparently, remembering how to ride a bike in sub-zero temperatures is... just like riding a bike.

My mom sent me back with lots of food, since she knew I'd emptied my fridge and cupboards before I left. She packed homemade granola, bran muffins, "square meal" cookies, and fresh cinnamon rolls with their own little tub of frosting. I tend to feel uninspired to eat when I'm cold and alone, but can usually manage to do so if there's food in front of me. My mom is awesome.

As of Monday, I'm back on the bean. I had a cup of brewed coffee with breakfast, an Americano a few hours later, and was buzzed for, as near as I can tell, at least the next fourteen hours. After the epically-delayed flight Tuesday I thought I'd have another cup, but already (still?) felt trembly enough that I forwent it and instead decided to pull through, decaffeinated, until I could just go to bed. I thought I'd need some this morning to make it through the 9:00 lecture and teaching two sections--and perhaps should have--but instead ended up waiting until just before my 3:30 seminar, through which I wasn't sure I'd otherwise stay awake and coherent. As I was picking it up at the counter, I realized it might be a bad idea to be drinking it so late. I am still awake now, but am nonetheless feeling hopeful about the possibility of falling asleep shortly.

Altogether, then, life is strange and more than a little surreal. Unfortunately, this is already the case even though two of my three seminars won't even meet for the first time until next Monday. Fortunately, every day the days get a bit longer; this will almost certainly be my last semester of full-time coursework; I have seen no trace of mice other than the two dead ones (in the two traps) under my sink yesterday; and my mom's cinnamon rolls should last for at least two more days.


Carissa J said...

Oh dear.

I Hope So said...

maybe it's your incredible writing skills... but i totally read your life as if i'm reading a really great book (or more accurately for me... watching a really great movie). there is definitely some sort main-character-quality to you.

Ern said...

Mmmm, I'm jealous. I had a (inferior, not-your-momma's) cinnamon roll this week. It just wasn't the same. :)

Good luck with the new semester!

Curly Sue said...

I'm glad to hear that you're back on the bean. It would make me sad to think that you've stopped drinking that wonderful, wonderful coffee. Mmm. I want some now.