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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two days

My mom called tonight as a friend and I were waiting in line to see the animated holiday display on the eighth floor of the Macy's downtown. This year the theme was the Nutcracker; last year it was Mary Poppins. Outside, downtown had been surprisingly empty (the crowds apparently having disappeared along with the Holidazzle parade; when the sun sets at 4:00, 8:00 feels like the middle of the night), but very festive under the snow and twinkling white lights.

When I answered the phone, my mom said, "Two days!"

Southern California won't feel very Christmas-y in any traditional sense, but, as Mandy so eloquently described in a recent post on her blog, it's not the weather or the landscape that makes going home for Christmas so special.

Then again, it's no great secret that even though we may have warmed up to the 20s this week, and even though I'd love my family wherever they lived, I am so glad that on Tuesday I'll be flying to the desert, and away from the tundra.

(Does blogging mean I'm done with The Manifesto? Not exactly! I've reached (exceeded, but only slightly) the length requirement, but am so sick of myself at this point that I'm going to leave the final edit for morning.)


I Hope So said...

i love how you tell on yourself at the end of the post. you suffer from a overly-guilty conscience too, don't you?

i can't wait to see you!!! we both should be quite rested and 'reset' by the time we get together... we should plan something with ern, too. that way the three of us can do something blog-worthy :)

Curly Sue said...

All you lucky people going to warmer climates for your holidays. Not that I have much to complain about...Missouri is in the 50s today.

Still, I'm going to Oklahoma, where most people still don't have power. My mother does, though, so again, I can't complain.

Voth said...

Have a good trip. I'm way jealous. Way. Way. Way.

Ern said...

Well it's raining here now. But it will seem like a sauna compared to the north country, I'm sure. :)

(And ooh, I like Mandy's suggestion!)

Kendra said...

i didn't know "home" for you was SoCal... very cool! have an in-n-out burger for me, will ya?