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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


So apparently my phone won't save photographs anymore, but will save videos. If anyone has suggestions on how to remedy that situation, I'd be grateful, as I really miss being able to take pictures with my phone. That is, I miss being able to look at them after I take them--the camera still makes its shutter noise and displays the image on the screen after I take it (and will even let me "set" the picture for a picture ID) but no longer saves them to My Pictures.

Anyway, here a few videos from this afternoon and evening. For some reason I was inspired after my ride home to shovel snow. And then to shoot video. It may have had something to do with the sunshine, the birds singing away, and the fact that it was a balmy 20 degrees! Now it's one above zero; we're supposed to get another couple of inches of snow tomorrow.

The first video seems to stick at about 7 seconds in; if you click on the little triangle, it moves again.


Kendra said...

oh gosh? 20 degrees? it was 35 here yesterday and i thought that was cold! eek!

Cerise said...

20 was the high! It quickly dropped back to the teens and then single digits after that. How cold does D.C. usually get in the winter?

Curly Sue said...

I like the videos. I'm also crossing my fingers that it doesn't snow here this winter. I guess it usually doesn't, but apparently a couple of years ago, they got snowed in.

Single're hard core, Ceri. Biking in that weather. I'd just give it a miss and watch movies all day.