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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Winter wonderland

Last night the wind had been rattling the windows when I went to bed, and I knew it was a bit on the chilly side in my apartment when I got up this morning, but I wasn't prepared for the weather report I heard when I flipped on the radio after getting out of the shower: sunny--and six degrees.

Even when you live in Minneapolis, that's cold.

I'd forgotten quite how cold, though. My scarf was almost an afterthought; I was wearing my high-necked snowboarding jacket over a wool turtleneck over a long-sleeved T-shirt over a tank top, after all. Still, I grabbed it and wrapped it over my earflap hat as I headed out the door. I was repeatedly thankful I had; it froze to my face on the ride, but as least protected my skin. My hands, even in my huge mittens, suffered the most. They began aching after about 10 minutes, and by the time I reached Cedar, the pain was shooting up my forearms. Even once I got inside at school, it was a good 10 minutes before my hands stopped hurting.

But then, on the ride home, I was fine. I don't know if it was the nine degrees the temperature had risen (up to 15°!), the fact that I'd gotten nice and toasty in the grad office before setting out, or the fact that I was riding more slowly, but I'd call the experience "bracing" as contrasted with this morning's "brutal."

I think I need better mittens. I'm thinking molded plastic.


Ern said...

Hard. Freaking. Core.

I Hope So said...

you poor, poor girl. how much longer do you have to live there?

Curly Sue said...

You should layer your mittens...get some of those skinny little gloves and put them inside your big mittens. I've had good luck with that on my bike.

Cerise said...

I'm getting out as soon as I reasonably can; in the meantime, I've requested SmartWool glove liners for Christmas (and Leah, on your suggestion, I'll try my cheap skinny gloves until then!).