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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"...Lest we should grow too fond..."

One of my friends did send me her pictures from Sunday, so here are a few more views of the Twin Cities Marathon. I definitely look a bit rougher at the finish than I did at the start!

The first picture is of the view from the finish line, with the slight hill the runners descend (which many of them seem to use to pick up the speed for a final desperate push). You'll notice that I, on the other hand, could barely muster the inspiration to lift my feet, let alone escape the Pink Twins overtaking me in the next picture.

The great thing in this one is that you can see how I've rigged my fuel belt with duct tape and a safety pin to hold my packets of Sport Beans. At points during the race I wished I had been carrying a water bottle, as the water stations seemed few and far between in the heat and humidity.

And then here we are all at the finish line. My friend finished an hour and 10 minutes after I did, but said that since he'd been so slow during the race, his legs actually felt up to a mini-run on Monday. Monday!

I still haven't hit the trail at all, yet, although I have biked to and from school a few times. More updates on that will follow. (It's very exciting!)


I Hope So said...

those pink twins are scary.

Cerise said...

Me too! They do seem to have some pretty nice legs, though.

Seth Ellis said...

Ditto on the pink bionic twins chasing you.

Congrats on the race though. I admire.

kcwgvyr--Kraft Cheeze Will Get Very Yummy Rarrr.