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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A few more marathon pictures

Action Sports International has posted pictures of the Twin Cities Marathon. And because you need more pictures of me running, here are a few for you:

If nothing else, I feel inspired to run Phoenix so that I can redeem myself for these fairly painful pictures.

I also think I should find a more flattering outfit. I ran Lincoln in this very same tank (though I did have my Team in Training jersey over it) and shorts in 2004, and in the same shorts for San Diego. The top I wore in San Diego unfortunately got munched (it looks as though squirrels attempted to nest in it) when my suitcase sprung a leak this summer, or I would have worn it, as it was cuter than just the boring black.

Next time, I think I'll try for something a bit more colorful... and maybe some bronzer. Because marathoning is clearly all about looking great during and after running TWENTY-SIX POINT TWO MILES.


The Churches said...

Oh, clearly! Although, I personally feel you can NEVER go wrong with basic black - it is hardly boring! I'm persuaded it lends sophisticated elegance to Marathons. But this from the girl who has been labeled as a female Johnny Cash...

I Hope So said...

maybe you should wear pink. and dye your hair blond and grow it out so you can put it in a pony tail. then you can be a pink triplet. and dude, NOW i see why you are so motivated to run marathons... hot guys? hellllo.

and here i just thought you liked to run.

Cerise said...

Ha! These comments made my day.