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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The week in pictures

As usual, click for larger images.

Saturday: Decorated vehicle out coffee shop window
Thursday: Skyline, from the ride to school
Alfa Romeo parked in the alley
Friday: Back of the Sheraton, from the Greenway
Playing with evening light in my apartment

Today: More evening light, in the neighborhood and my apartment

My (long-sleeved) Bear Water Run shirt! (If you look closely, you can also see my chin scar.)


Curly Sue said...

Is that your apartment?! I'm super jealous. That looks like a great place.

Ellen said...

I agree with my big sister. Your apartment looks great. But what was the fortune? I'm actually heading outside right now to cast some geomantic charts.

I Hope So said...

love that pic of you in the evening light. so pretty.

Cerise said...

Thank you! I do like my apartment; I was so fortunate to get it. The fortune was "You have great patience," although I think if you squint at it just right, it says "You throw great parties."

Karen said...

Nice red door! I recently painted my front door red and I'm just loving it. It's bold but still inviting.