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Friday, July 20, 2007

I love...

  • Cold filtered coffee made from freshly-roasted Dunn Bros java beans (chocolately!)
  • Sunshine with highs in the 70s
  • Fresh basil on cucumbers on havarti on a French baguette
  • My neighbors
  • Ripe cherries
  • The pearl earrings I bought at the Stone Arch Arts Fest

    Daniel said...

    That food ensemble sounds really really good, maybe a splash of red for color though.

    some poems don't rhyme said...

    sunshine with highs in the 70s????

    well now you're just bragging.

    Cerise said...

    Daniel, I think the cherries should count as my splash of red!

    And Mandy, when I re-read that, at first I thought I had meant to write "highs in the 80s," but then I double-checked, and yesterday really did only get up to 78. That's pretty awesome when it's clear and dry--not good swimming weather, of course, but good for cooking and cleaning! I suppose there are some advantages to being in the barren north.

    Daniel said...

    You never said you ate the cherries with your baguette, but if you did, I suppose I'll allow it.

    Mumsie said...

    Perfect summer combo. How about thinly sliced red bell pepper (I know better than to suggest grape tomatoes) for your splash of red?
    I suppose you've tried Havarti laced with dill? Don't know how the dill and basil would get along, but the dill and cucumber pairing would be nice.