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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


1. Next term, I'll be teaching 12 classes, instead of 11.
2. My supervisor informed me that this term, I had the most students of all her supervisees (190!).
3. I thought maybe I'd get a break after teaching 3 classes of middle schoolers, but instead have another two classes of them plus one of high schoolers (though word on the street is that the latter are actually easier).
4. Mondays and Tuesdays, I'll be teaching in Woodbury, which is, according to Google Maps, precisely 20.0 miles from my house. We only get reimbursed for miles after the first 20 miles each way; I apparently won't be reimbursed for any of my travel this summer.
5. Mr. Intestinal Fortitude* appears to live on my block.
6. My new chair smells slightly of cigarettes, after all.

*I think I left out of the original story that he said his sister the psychologist told him he had a high pressure of speech, and that he responded that he had "Intestinal Fortitude!" Also, I mentioned balding, but not that the hair around the sides and back of his head is blond and shoulder-length, or that he has a taste for round sunglasses.


Melinda said...

Of course I remember you! We both worked at that lovely institution of AdventSource. Oh how I don't miss it!! I'm also very amused by the title Disaster Kitchen, I think my mom has actually used it to describe my home.

Daniel said...

Not miss AdventSource!?!?!?!!


Cerise said...

I think most of my memories are from Psych classes, though, not AdventSource. Did you fill out that survey they sent a few months ago, about how to improve the department?

And Daniel, I just think it's nice that you have the benefit of a friendly workplace that not only pays the bills, but lets you be in Lincoln! Plus, with the door open it's almost like being outside.

Hathor said...

I believe you can write off/deduct the mileage on your taxes as an unreimbursed business expense. If you're interested, I'll do some digging on the IRS website / forms to see what I can find.

Have I mentioned that all my friends are teachers? I would love to sit in on one of your classes with all the little ones (not sure about the middle schoolers, though).