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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buried treasure

This afternoon I cleaned out the small rolling suitcase I take with me to class to haul my in-class reading materials, extra student materials kits, crayons, pencils, pens, clock, Band-Aids, Cliff Bars, cough drops, etc. As I was consolidating the Band-Aids, I found a small folded piece of paper with "Frome [student's name]" written on the outside.

I remembered the Level 4 student handing it to me on the last day of class, but hadn't realized there was anything inside. Today I opened it up and was surprised and delighted to find this charming good"by" portrait. I think it's hilarious and awesome, from the pyramidal motif (note the hair, eyebrows, and blouse), to the chubby smile and cleverly-rendered sandals (those puffy things on the end of the stick legs are my feet!), to the multiple spellings of my name.

Many students have given me the drawings they've produced in class, but this was the first of which I was the subject, and I was rather flattered. I thanked the student for the note, certainly, but now regret that I didn't open it on the spot and let her know how much I appreciate the drawing. Adult students are cool and all, but they don't give me pictures.


Voth said...

Nice. You might want to have your little eyebrow situation taken care of... Facial hair aside, portraits of you are much nicer than the ones I've been getting at work. I'll scan and post mine now.

Angela said...

Are you okay? I hope you weren't near the bridge collapse. I'm glad you usually ride bike.

Heather said...

I'm also hoping that you're ok!

Carissa J said...

Ceri! Tell us about the bridge. Have you seen it? It looks completely dreadful. Let us know you're fine.

strovska said...

yes, i was thinking about you when i heard about it. i hope you and everyone you know there are okay!