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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I saw Mr. Obnoxious Seatmate again. He was at the bus stop on Nicolett,* wearing dark tapered slacks, a white button-down shirt, and a dark vest. A vest! Perhaps he is a waiter?

I also saw a girl walking in the uppity part of Uptown with a male escort, wearing nothing but a jean skirt, a Corona-emblazoned string bikini top, and a belly ring.


People, it may be 85 and humid, but it is still Minnesota, and Minneapolis is quite clearly a northern city, far from any oceans. Seriously. That's an unfortunate fashion combination anywhere, but here I find it purely offensive.

*Pronounced "NICK-a-lit." Because I'm sure you were wondering.


Angela said...

Thanks, Ceri. I miss the blogdom too. I just now read all my sister's posts. I've fallen behind as a result of two three-credits-in-one-week intensive summer classes, moving out of my apartment and flying to Korea. Now that I've arrived I'm hoping to make a comeback. But not tonight. This computer room is much to smokey for me.

Cerise said...

Those are seriously impressive reasons for not blogging! I eagerly await the comeback that will describe it all!