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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Man at the laundromat last Monday, to me: "Excuse me, miss? I'm wondering if you have change for this penny; I'm short 49 cents for my bus fare to school." I thought it was funny, and gave him the two quarters I had left over from doing laundry. "Thank you," he said, and smiled. "Do you want the penny?"

Bonus points: Adrianna has posted over at her new blog; I guess I just can't get enough of babies falling. (Relatedly(?): I'm trying to convince myself I don't need a kitty)


Ted said...

Ahhh... but you DO need a kitty!

Ellen said...

Ceri with a cat would be weird.

Voth said...

Ceri with a cat would be awesome!

Daniel said...

I had three kitties for like a week and a half and you think you might need a kitty but really, life isn't appreciably better with them.