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Thursday, May 17, 2007



I just registered for the Twin Cities Marathon. Naturally, I'm making my list of reasons after the fact, to convince myself that I haven't just spent way too much money for the privilege of working my body way too hard, doubling my food bill, taking valuable time away from my studies, and generally being out of my mind.

I'm running the TCM because...

1. It's a chance to explore my new home cities in a totally new way
2. It's an excuse to keep running with my long run partner
3. It's an excuse to keep running with my short run partners
4. It gives me the chance to live in a marathoner's body again
5. I have too much time and money on my hands
6. I don't want 5:45 to be my last time on a marathon (you don't even get a shirt if you can't finish this one in under 6!)
7. I wish I was fast and strong like the people who win these things
8. If I'm not a PhD superstar, I'm at least a serious runner
9. Ed said the course goes right by his house and that he'd throw a party (I just remembered this one!)
10. April told me her running mantra, and it's magic
11. Running gives you good biceps...
12. ...and abs
13. ...and of course, legs
14. You don't get a runner's high without really working for it
15. When you're in marathon shape, you feel like you can do anything (when you're not too tired to do anything)
16. It's an excuse to get some color on my legs
17. It's an excuse to get outside, period
18. Maybe this would merit buying a ForeRunner!
19. It would definitely merit a new pair of shoes
20. It gives me something to blog about



Ellen said...

Funny, you haven't convinced me to run the Twin Cities Marathon. But Ed's party sounds like a good time.

Cerise said...

You can come! I might have to remind him that he promised--but you should all consider this an open invitation.

Angela said...

you are awesome, ceri. good luck with training. you've almost inspired me to try and train again. it's been a long, long time. happy training!

april said...

wow, my mantra is magic? i should use it more often. by the way, i added a line: "my legs NEVER get tired" . . . because, of course, they often do, and quickly.