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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


For a going-away present (his going-away, that is) /consolation prize, last week Bryant bought me slicks for my bike. I'd been wanting a pair for a long time, since riding with the big, nubby tires the bike came with (see above) required a lot more effort than smoother ones do. As he installed them Wednesday morning, he debated the merits of having purchased tires with tread around the edges, rather than full slicks. Today, I was grateful for the extra traction.

Because, yes, it snowed. Not the wet, heavy stuff you'd expect in April, either, but tiny, needly particles that blew like dust in icy gusts. And, because Bryant is in Las Vegas, I rode my bike in it. In my teacher clothes.

On the bright side, at least it wasn't rain; I'm much dryer this way than I would have been. It was sparkly in the light of the street lamps, and made cool crunchy noises under the new slicks. And I didn't fall down.

Hopefully, however, this is the last of the season. This winter is pushing its luck.


m is for maiden said...

i have no idea what 'slicks' are. tires? reading your blog reminds me that there is a whole world i do not know about. i think that world is called 'outside'. hehe.

Daniel said...

What was the contest that you are receiving the consolation for?

Cerise said...

Slicks, as I understand it, are basically tires without nubs, which makes sense if you're commuting, rather than climbing mountains. My new ones are really more semi-slicks, since they have traction on the outer edges. I have to traverse the wild "outside" to get from inside (home) to inside (school), or else I might not see much of it!

(The tires were to console me since Bryant was leaving. No contest; small consolation.)