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Friday, April 13, 2007


Three things I experienced for the first time today:

1. Saw two police cruisers drive down the sidewalk in front of my building, in single file, before turning right at Carlson and presumably entering the roundabout.

2. Saw two graffiti artists at work on a colorful and quite striking (though, I assume, unauthorized) masterpiece on the back of a building along the Greenway. Was not brave enough to stop ("I'm an art historian!") or take pictures with my phone.

3. Cutting through the parking lot that shaves just over a block off my commute, realized that a truck had just pulled into one of the building's garages. Then noticed the uniformed guard standing just inside the descending garage door, looking out, and holding an automatic weapon. I guess it was an armored truck. I have no idea what goes on in that building.

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