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Friday, March 16, 2007


So it appears I was a bit cavalier about Wednesday's vaccination. By 8:00 p.m., when the nurse had suggested my shoulder would start to really hurt, I was still feeling fine. As I was getting into bed around 11:00, it was becoming pretty sore, but during the night it actually woke me up. Repeatedly--which those of you who have attempted as much know is a challenge. I'm not sure whether I actually had a fever in the night (I know my 1992 shot gave me one), but my miserable dreams would certainly support the theory.

Yesterday morning my shoulder was swollen and tender and I took the ibuprofen I clearly should have taken before bed, which did help, although it was still very sensitive to the touch. I was able to sleep through last night, and now it only hurts when I reach up or bump it.

Moral: If you are due for a tetanus booster, you should get one. But by all means, take some drugs! I may be a pansy--but this shot doesn't mess around.

On a happier note, here is a picture Bryant took last week of me shaking snow out of my highly inappropriate shoes at Lake Calhoun. It felt springlike, so we stopped after my interview to watch the snowkiters and for me to take my first--and last--walk on the (disconcertingly melt-y) lake while it was still frozen. Now our snow is almost gone. Spring is coming!


carissa j said...

I like the picture! It's fun.

Ceri, thank you again for your willingness to host my sister, even though she did get home that night. I really appreciated your helpfulness.

Yay for melting snow!

Cerise said...

It would really have been my pleasure (and as it was it still inspired me to clean my house)! I'm very glad she was able to make it home that night.

I wish more people would come to visit me--even if it's only because they're stuck in the airport! (Hinting...)