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Sunday, February 11, 2007


We're finally back in the double digits; last week the weather seers had predicted we'd be up there by Wednesday, and it was crushing when temps continued to hover just above zero. For today, the prediction was 18, but we've already soared to 22 degrees. It feels balmy.

My car started--on the first try, even!

People are walking around hatless, in sweatshirts.

I even saw two cars with their windows rolled all the way down.

When I ran into my neighbor at the coffee shop, no joke, she said, "It's so hot outside!"

I write this to remind myself that it's all about the comparisons. And the complete insanity.


Dragonfly said...

It's warmer in IL too...I had on my usual 47 layers today and was sweating by the time I got to school.

They're predicting 8 inches of snow tonight, though.

Cerise said...

Tee-hee--47 layers. I know the feeling... I've been wearing flannel pajamas in addition to long underwear under my jeans, and today I added my long soccer socks. And, yeah, I was sweaty by the time I'd finished my ride home--although my face was still fairly frozen.

Angela said...

my mom had the same experience. when it got up to 11 this weekend, she rolled down her windows and didn't wear a jacket to church. i guess compared to -22 it might be warm. i still think it's a little crazy.