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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This semester's classes...

...In the order in which I have them:

1. Philosophy and Feminist Theory (GWSS* 5122)
2. Baroque Art Seminar: The Art of Caravaggio (ARTH 8340) (I'm only auditing this one)
3. Ideas of the Sacred (ANTH 8810)
4. Directed Study: Close Reading of Early Modern Paintings (ARTH 5993)

You're salivating, aren't you? And you haven't even seen the syllabi!

Today in the anthropology class (which is really more philosophy, at least so far), we discussed Zupancic and Bataille's readings of Kant and Hegel respectively, and then watched a clip from Blade Runner. Some days I love grad school.


Voth said...

I loved my anth class dealing with the sacred and profane. Such good stuff. I wish I could make a living in it. That'd be super.

Ellen said...

last night in seminar we talked about ourselves, read two poems, looked at slides, and decided to go out for beers.

that followed a class where we watched two movies, part of "The King and I" and a documentary on Bill T. Jones. this was after discussing dance and its relationship to the arts.

That followed a class where we watched another movie, "Safe."

and that followed a class where talked about our thesises (i don't know the plural of that).

i love grad school too.

Hathor said...

(I'm not correcting anyone, for the record.)
Thesis, plural of: theses.
But, I think it should be thesi like octupi and hippopotami. Do you remember when we used to pluralize everything with "i"? I thought it was much more fun than using the actual plural forms of words. = )

Reading your class list makes me nostalgic for Western Thought, but not nostalgic enough to enter grad school. I'll leave that to you overachievers.

Cerise said...

I think the correct word is "masochists," not "overachievers."

And yes, I do remember faux-Latin pluralizing with fondness; I still do it when I can!

Daniel said...

The Last King of Scotland is at the Ross now. Did you like it and its 89% Fresh rating, or was that too high for your tastes?

Cerise said...

Ekkh! I hated Last King of Scotland! But there is the squeamish thing, too. It seems that you might not dislike it as much as I did.