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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


When I got my bike downstairs this morning, I was surprised to see white specks landing on my sleeves. Something seemed to be blowing around--Styrofoam pellets? some sort of tree dandruff? The wind was rather icy, after all... I blew on one of the flakes, and it melted.


On the 11th of October.

Is this what I signed up for?


carissa j said...

I feel you. This morning the ground was covered with snow and the roads were very icy in Grand Forks. It's too soon.

Ellen said...

they were predicting snow here today as well. it didn't actually snow, but i had to walk around for two hours in the icy wind looking at tree buds.

Cerise said...

Wow, I clearly don't have it all that bad. But what are the trees doing budding?

Misty said...

I agree that is much too early for snow. We got slight dusting of snow last night here in Iowa. I'm personally hoping for a heat wave to come soon.

Hathor said...

In wonderful Walla Walla, we had 71 degrees today. (Don't you wish you were here?) But it still felt quite cold when I crawled out of bed at 6:30 in the dark. I think I could deal with snow if there were more hours of daylight in winter.