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Friday, June 30, 2006

Workin' for the weekend

So it's Friday of my first full week at my new job; I put in straight-up 40 hours, for the first time in, if not exactly ever, pretty close to it. And the good news is that people seem to like me.

Exhibit A: When I accidentally deleted the entire file for scheduling the laptop*, one co-worker said, "I told them they should never hire someone with a Master's!" but instantly gave me a crinkly-eyed smile and said he was joking, in case I hadn't gotten it (too much education will do that to you, you know).

Exhibit B: Wednesday, one of the women came up beside me as I was sitting at the computer to pull my hair; she said she'd been dying to see how long the curls would stretch out.

Exhibit C: My supervisor introduced me in a meeting Friday as "the most educated person I know." I think she was just nervous about having to chair said meeting, as the remark doesn't make any sense, but I think it was a compliment.

Exhibit D: "CëRï, wanna come to the bar with us tonight?"

One downside is that they air condition the building into the 60s; an upside is that there are conifers outside the office that heat up and smell like Big Lake. I think it will be an okay gig.

* I was much relieved to find it, several minutes later, resting placidly in my "deleted items" folder.

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