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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The spycam is out of batteries, so I'm posting this documentation of my interview clothing courtesy of Bryant's real camera.

Today was the second time in eight days I'd worn this little ensemble for an interview. That's not much of a record for actual job-seekers, but these were my first interviews in about six years, unless you count last August when I visited Lourdes for the first time and was asked, "So do you want the job?" and was given the textbook for the class I was to teach.

This morning's "interview" was oddly similar; I thought I might be asked about my resume and qualifications, but instead I was introduced to my co-workers-to-be and shown my desk. Last Monday's wasn't much of an interview, either. It was at a temp agency and consisted of proficiency exams in Excel and typing (apparently I typed so well [96 w.p.m. with 100% accuracy, which is a record of which I'm as proud as aware it's completely useless] that they didn't even have me take the Word exam) followed by about three minutes of "interview." The latter primarily involved me pointing out my references' phone numbers on my resume so that the staffing manager could call them that afternoon in order to get me into a typist job for the next morning.

I did indeed spend eight hours the next day typing an employee manual for a new church. Wednesday, I spent the morning (but was paid for the day) transcribing a meeting for a different organization. This week was mostly out since Bryant and I are taking off tomorrow for his cousin's wedding, but the staffing manager told me he was going to try to get me into a longer-term position starting next Monday.

In the meantime, however, fate appears to have intervened. My mom contacted HR at her work in the hopes of finding me a job in housekeeping, and instead was advised of an immediate and rather urgent opening in Information Services for which I appeared to be qualified. I had the aforementioned interview for that position today, and intend (pending the results of Monday's physical exam, labwork and drug screening) to start next Wednesday.

This is all very fortunate, since moving in August is going to be expensive and so will be living in the Cities. Since I'm shallow, I think it's also nice because I get to wear the "office casual" clothes that took up room in my suitcase from Ohio


Ellen said...

Your title should be "Temptin'" because of the boobie shot that gets this post out of the gate and running.

Misty said...

I only wish I could actually get an interview, especially one that was easy as you described. =)

Ted said...

Only 96 WPM? It sounds like you're slowing down in your old age :-)

One of these days when you're feeling bored and we're in the same neighborhood, I challenge you to a type-off!